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Red Lead is a lead (II/IV) oxide powder produced by the oxidation of lead (according to DIN 1719) having the theoretical formula Pb3O4.

It is used by producing of Storage and traction batteries, Frits and enamels for ceramics, Glass and crystal. We feel that our Red Lead will work particularly well for your business by improving the quality of finished products, putting down your costs for producing and expanding your markets.

Red Lead produced by the “Metkom” LLC can be both granulated and powdered.

It depends on the industrial needs and materials specifications of your company. We have the technical possibility to produce Red Lead of different particle sizes and are ready to change some technical performances according to your requests. You can see the concept description of our Red Lead in the frame below and in our Specification.

Names of components Mass concentration,%
Lead orthoplumbate (Pb3O4) 87.4-99.2%
Lead dioxide (PbO2) 30.5-34.6%